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I could see the judgment on their faces as we waited for him to call. They couldn’t tell if she was lying or if she really did forget her identification at home. I watched the projected fire on the screen in front of me as she tried to get a hold of him, the man I’d never meet but whose hotel room I’d inhabit for an hour and a half. She couldn’t reach him, so we took a seat in the restaurant and she ordered two glasses of champagne as I surveyed my surroundings. I quickly stole a glance of the family eating dinner across the room. I thought they knew what we were doing there, but they couldn’t have because she whispered every word she said to me as to not be overheard. She told me nothing about herself except the most intimate details. She enjoyed being both submissive and dominant. Once she asked me about myself, her cell phone rang; he’d finally called. We made our way to the elevator and took it up to the fifth floor. She had trouble opening the door to the room, but I told her how to hold the key correctly and then we were inside. As the door closed behind me, she started to set up. She continued to whisper to me in fear that the walls were thin. I walked to the window to take a glance outside as she undressed and saw a church across the street. A statue of Jesus Christ hung on his cross was the last thing I saw before we began…


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  1. sweet. I like the shading, or …the lighting.

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