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The door opened and the music rushed to my ears in loud pulses. The euphoria I inhaled made its way through my bloodstream, giving me a false sense of relief. I started to forget where I wasn’t as we headed to the bar. He handed me my next drink and I tried to continue our basement conversation, but things were always different upstairs; he was easily distracted. I looked for her to entertain me as he became the center of everyone’s attention, but it seemed she had already left. I wanted to stay, so I looked at the clock on the wall to give myself a reason to leave. I drank the remains of my liquid anesthesia, placed my empty glass down, and wrapped my arms around him. We exchanged counterfeit ‘I love you’s and then I headed for the exit…


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  1. yo sist ⋅

    you’re. amazing. in every conceivable way.

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