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I arrived at the hotel early; she was running late. I went inside the party and pushed my way through the crowd. I thought a drink would help pass the time. I ordered a free cup of Pinot Grigio and then took a seat on the bench. I watched in envy as the people around me made connections…

…I saw him sipping red wine. His bright orange jacket was hard to miss. He looked as uncomfortable as I felt, and so, I waved to him. He sat next to me and the conversation quickly turned toward the inappropriate. After our second drink he asked me what I feared he might. Without hesitation, I rejected his offer. He told me we would never see each other again and then asked if I was thinking about it. I admitted I was and kept to myself that I didn’t find him attractive. Moments later, she arrived. By the time he left, I had already forgotten his name…


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