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in the mood for love : part one

I couldn’t remember how we had gotten here. But, the circumstances of the past seemed as irrelevant as those of the present…

…He opened the door and I was mute; words suddenly seemed unnecessary. I wrapped my arms around him and let my body collapse into his. He held me until I let go. We took a seat on the couch and pretended we weren’t both thinking the same thing. He stretched his arm out as to invite me in and I entered, with some hesitation. Idle conversation momentarily pacified my internal discord and than, he directed me on what to do. He touched me and I felt my congealing blood liquefy, as my skin comprehended what was about to happen. Forgotten memories permeated my brain while my body occupied itself with other things…


One response to “in the mood for love : part one

  1. daisy glick ⋅

    amazing just amazing wow no words

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